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    Casa de Mogofores is located in a particularly beautiful entourage, in perfect liaison with the rural landscape. It revives as few other places in the Council the memory of the ancient nobility with their large houses and leafy groves of trees inviting rambling lovers.

    It has a privileged location in Portugal midland distancing 28 km from Aveiro and Coimbra. You can reach it by road (IC2 or A1 Highway - Mealhada exit at 10 km) or by train (North Line).

    The region has numerous touristic attractions and its proximity to Curia, Luso and Buçaco render great relevance to Mogofores thermal area.

    We would like to welcome you to Casa de Mogofores and we hope that your stay here will be to your utmost liking and satisfaction. Both our facilities and staff are at your service for whatever you should need and to make sure that your holiday is as pleasant enjoyable as possible.

    S. Mateus farm comprises adequate facilities to receive small and large groups of visitors for simple visits, meals or get-togethers.

    The vineyards and the pine woods surrounding the wine cellar create a beautiful atmosphere for outdoor walks, should the weather allow it.

    Our family run guest house, Casa de Mogofores, allows you to spend the night www.casademogofores.com in a charming ambiance.

    You can also try our wine tasting, charged according to the wines you wish to taste.

    All our wine brands are available for purchase at the wine cellar store. 

    Above activities are also available on weekends upon prior reservation.